Trust Tablet (wax melts)
Trust Tablet (wax melts)
Trust Tablet (wax melts)
Trust Tablet (wax melts)

Trust Tablet (wax melts)

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Olk candle's Trust Tablet is a homemade soy candle made up of beeswax which transforms the atmosphere into that of luxury and opulence whilst calming your senses with its relaxing aroma.


  • Available in 6 scents: Sativa, Deja Vu, Pillow talk, Sober, Mood, & Mocha (40 g)
  • Our wax tablets are made out of 2 different wax (soy wax and beeswax, both organic waxes). The beeswax are much harder waxes than soy.
  • 100% organic and safe (The soy wax, natural vegetable and fruit oil scents used on all Olk candle products are imported from Korea)
  • Proudly made in the Philippines
  • Cruelty-free
  • All candles are lovingly made by hand; no two candles look exactly alike. (Your purchase is one of a kind!)

Scent Descriptions:

  • Deja Vu - GREY with gold leaf. Black pepper, citrus zest, white lily, violet leaves, freesia, peony, honeycomb, Jasmine petals, sheet amber. (MAIN TONE: Amber and Jasmine)
  • Pillow talk - BLUE with angel & silver leaf
    California lemon, Kaffir lime, bergamot, white jasmine, green leaves, sun dried cotton musk. (MAIN TONE: powder)
  • Sativa - Chamomile, aloe vera, sweet notes, freesia, sea nows, daisy, plum blossom. (MAIN TONE: SWEET PLUM)
  • Sober - California lemon, Mexican lime, crisp grapefruit, pink grapefruit, red berries, star jasmine. (MAIN TONE: Grapefruit)

How to Use:

  • Hang the tablet in your room, closet, bathroom, or wherever you like to place it.
  • Just like using our candles these wax burners will release its scent, much stronger than just smelling it directly from the tab itself.
  • You may cut the the tablet into pieces and let it melt onto your wax burner.
  • Smelling directly from the tablet might have a subtle scent only because of the beeswax, they tend to seal the fragrance but do not throw them away just yet if you feel that there isn't any scent anymore because these wax tablets are really made to be but into pieces to melt onto your wax burners.
  • The beeswax sealed the scent inside, once you melt the tablet, its scent would fill up the whole room exactly like our scented candles.
  • Flowers and gold leaves serve as the tablet's decorations. If you wish to remove them, you may do so. 


  • Please keep away from children's reach and any flammable material.
  • Olk candle runs tests on each design for safety purposes prior to selling

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